Stock photos are obviously an essential part in the workflow of designers, but they don’t usually come cheap. Happily, in the past year, a lot of little websites owned by photographers were launched, offering free high-quality and high-resolution stock photos for both personal and commercial use. These resources are a blessing for designers who need quality stock photos which they can use in their projects with no cost. I’ve set up a list with the best free stock photos websites out there for you to get creative with. The list is numbered for ease of browsing, but the order of items in it is random; making a top out of these websites wasn’t the purpose.

1 Picjumbo – – This is one of my personal favorites in the list. The stock photos are of an excellent quality and on various topics, not niched on a certain subject.

2 – This website is amazing because it gathers the work of more photographers who want to offer some free stock photos. It also has a very user-friendly interface and lots of filtering options such as dominant colors.

3 Pexels – A very large library of free stock photos. What is great about this website is the advanced searching option. Its straightforward design makes it very user-friendly.

4 – This one also scores very high on my top list when it comes to free stock photos, because the content here really looks like stock. I mean the photos here are of a stunning quality and they depict details, exaggerated situations, funny faces and lots more. Very fun resources. Check it out!

5 Startup – Another tumblr blog but, compared to the others in this list, Startup Stock is a great resource for finding free office stock photos. The main topics here are office, conferences, creative talks and technology. You will see lots of Apple products 😀

6 – Here you will find a great deal of very high-quality free stock photos of landscapes, nature, details and a great deal of photos taken from high altitude like cities, fields, forests and so on. Great website!

7 – This tumblr blog is a very well-known resource for free stock photos. Its archive is huge and there are photos on basically every topic you could think of. The stock photos are amazing, but navigating through the site may get annoying, because it doesn’t have image tagging or pagination – only infinite scrolling. Still, one of the best places for free stock photos out there.

8 Jay – Mostly travel and landscape stock photos, completely free. Seven new photos added every week.

9 – Great tumblr blog with various free stock photos. The quality of the photos is very high and the topics are numerous too.

10 – Awesome high-quality free stock photos on various topics. The website has lots of viewing options and offers the possibility to get all photos in your Dropbox account for only 5.5$ a month. However, this is only optional for supporting the creator; all photos are still free to download and use.

11 – These are the photos of a portuguese photographer who travels and discover the East

12 Travel Coffee Book – – Various impressive travel photos. The website offers 10 new photos every 10 days and the great option to download all photos in one archive.

13 Crow The – Another little tumblr blog with free travel stock photos. You can use them however you see fir and subscribe for receiving new photos directly in your inbox.

14 Little Visuals – Some great high-quality stock photos. Compares to the other tumblr-like blogs in this list, Little Visuals offers some nice features for its visitors, such as the option to subscribe and receive newest photos in your inbox and download separate archives for each week of added photos.

15 IM Free – Great collection of commercial free stock photos with a very well grouped archive by topics and categories.

16 New Old Stock – This resource is unique, as it offers free vintage stock photos which you can download and use “free of know copyright restrictions”.

17 Life of – Great free stock photos with mostly urban scenes, offered to public domain by a Montreal advertising agency.

18 Lock & – This is a very good little blog with free stock photos of details, textures and lots of objects.

19 Picography – Free stock photos on various topics. What I like a lot about this blog is that all photos are of an excellent quality; the colors are simply amazing. Go check them out, you will surely like them!

20 Foodie’s Feed – Finally, a free food stock photos website. Yep! It only offers food-related content completely for free. The previously-listed websites also contain some food stock, but it is great to have this food niche stock photos site.


21 – A great collection of public domain photos from various categories, organised nicely into albums. They even have weapon photos. Go check it out!