30 Free High Resolution Blurred Backgrounds for Your Designs

Blurred backgrounds have become a trend in web design nowadays. They’re not so complex, they’re easy to make and highly effective, especially in minimalist designs which they work so well with. I’ve created a pack with 30 high-resolution blurred backgrounds to fit everyone’s needs. It contains various colors and contrasts and I’ve added some more saturated ones in case someone needs that kind of effect. Basically, this pack is meant to be used by anyone.

This pack is based on photos my friend Ionut Eduard has taken (see his work). Most of the images are over 4000px wide, so that should be enough for any kind of project.

Here’s a preview of the images included in the pack:


Please read this

Feel free to use this as you wish. This means both personal and commercial projects. However, you may not sell the file, claim it as your own or distribute it “as is”. Attribution is not obligatory but would be very much appreciated.

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  1. 1

    Hi there,

    I’d like to download your lovely 30 Free High Resolution Blurred Backgrounds pack and plan to attribute any that I use in my website according to your instructions, but I don’t see the download button anywhere? Sorry to bother you, but could you send me the URL for the download?

    Thank you!


    • 2

      Hello! Thanks for showing interest in my work!

      In order to download the pack, you must choose a social sharing option in the box above. After sharing, you will receive your download link.


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