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8 Things I Love About Sketch

I’ve been using Sketch for about two weeks. I’ve played around and, while I can’t say I’ve completely learned how to use it at its full capacity, I can definitely point out the coolest features and aspects I like (a lot!). Those I will mention below are, in my opinion, extremely useful features for UI/UX designers.



Weekly News: WordPress, Web Design and development #1

Happy New Year everyone! I must say it’s been a crazy year. Setting up this blog, improving my designs with each project, trying to provide quality content for the web – I’ve learnt a lot from all these experiences. 2014 has definitely made me a better designer. To begin with, I am adding more consistency to DesignerHype. There are various post series planned to be released constantly, each week. This first post in 2015 will be the first in its category. Each week, I will post news from around the web – everything I consider worth checking out, resources to help you design and develop, learn or just inspire.


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20 Best Free Stock Photos Websites

Stock photos are obviously an essential part in the workflow of designers, but they don’t usually come cheap. Happily, in the past year, a lot of little websites owned by photographers were launched, offering free high-quality and high-resolution stock photos for both personal and commercial use. These resources are a blessing for designers who need quality stock photos which they can use in their projects with no cost. I’ve set up a list with the best free stock photos websites out there for you to get creative with. The list is numbered for ease of browsing, but the order of items in it is random; making a top out of these websites wasn’t the purpose.


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Where do we get exclusive design freebies?

In this post we’re going to take a look at some great freebies websites I like and constantly use. Now, there’s no secret there are tons of freebies websites with lots of great designers offering good products for free to the community, but in this post I’ve handpicked my favorites. I must also say that my list includes only websites which offer freebies exclusively (meaning that they’re the creators and only publishers of the resources). So take a look below. I’m sure you will find something useful for your projects, from PSD resources, free HTML templates to royalty-free stock photos.


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WordPress Theme Trends and Demands for Successful Themes

WordPress themes have been growing and growing in terms of popularity and engagement from users. WordPress has become a titan, with over 74 milion sites it powers. This way, a whole industry of third-party theme and plugin developers emerged around it. These publishers push WordPress to its limits each day, managing to get the most out of it. The themes become more powerful, more functional, with more and more features this engine wasn’t initially built for. This makes a fierce competition. I’m not saying there’s no room for new publishers. I’m just saying that now, with the stakes so high, a WordPress product must achieve excellence in order to become successful.