Yesterday, I’ve come across a great Kickstarter campaign and, after going through all the content, descriptions and videos, I was completely convinced to actually pledge myself.

Prototypo is an open-source online typeface editor: start shaping a complete typeface using sliders, then refine spacing and outlines.

So, basically, Prototypo is an open-source online tool which will allow you to create a font of your own. With over 20 parameters for you to customize, you can completely control the design of a typeface using a great intuitive and user-friendly interface.

Below, there are some images which show the highlights of how Prototypo will look like and what the workflow within it will be upon fully funding and completion of the online app. You can also find out everything about Prototypo and have a better understanding by watching the video materials on the Kickstarter and official website.

Current state of the application
version 1.0 will allow modifying glyphs independently
...and modifying serifs independently as well.
We will add glyph alternates where they make sense
Import your own fonts and make them parametric using code.

These mentioned above and lots more will be added to this project and I think it has a huge potential of becomind one of the most popular web applications for designers. I invite you to read more about Prototypo on the official Kickstarter campaign page and official website.