I was thinking of starting a new freebies post series, because I do lots of things but rarely use all of them. In my design projects, I always try doing as much as I can by myself in order to obtain quality, unique works. When I design my graphic elements for a project, I first do many, many variations and finally choose a few I will use in the actual project.

I thought it may be good for you, guys if I gave away stuff I consider worth using, so I decided to offer most of my original design elements as freebies here for every designer, blogger, developer and webmaster to use. Again, I will only post works I consider worth using, not all my unfinished sketches. If somebody wants to use them in any way, they are free to do so and I will be very happy.

Today, we have an Adobe Illustrator project .ai file) containing 9 random high-res flat icons. I did these when trying to figure out what would fit into an older design project I worked on. I actually used some of these icons in the official original project.

Besides the project file, I’ve also carefully cropped and resized the icons and saved them as .pngs of various sizes (512px, 256px, 128px and 64px) in an organised archive for the lazy ones. I basically did all the work for either of you. Here is what the pack contains:


I know, these shapes really are random. Anyway, I hope they become of use to somebody. You can see all posts in this series under this tag.

Feel free to use this as you wish. This means both personal and commercial projects. However, you may not sell the file, claim it as your own or distribute it “as is”. Attribution is not obligatory but would be very much appreciated.