In this post we’re going to take a look at some great freebies websites I like and constantly use. Now, there’s no secret there are tons of freebies websites with lots of great designers offering good products for free to the community, but in this post I’ve handpicked my favorites. I must also say that my list includes only websites which offer freebies exclusively (meaning that they’re the creators and only publishers of the resources). So take a look below. I’m sure you will find something useful for your projects, from PSD resources, free HTML templates to royalty-free stock photos.

Creative Market


Definitely on of my favorite places to get high-quality design freebies. The awesome thing about their system is that they offer 6 free items (3 with direct download and 3 in exchange for supporting them with a social share) for free each week. That’s 24 freebies a month. It’s definitely something! Apart from all the other websites in the list, the freebies on Creative Market are different. There are not only icons, web elements and templates (though there are lots of those too, don’t worry), but also fonts, brushes, lots of vectors, badges and tons of other great items.



Graphicburger is definitely one of my favorite freebies sites because, first of all, the highest quality of what they offer. Because of the huge popularity of the website, many designers and design businesses offer great premium products for free in exchange for the big exposure of their brand there. So, in order to increase popularity, people exclusively offer products worth hundreds of dollars for free on GraphicBurger. Moreover, the variety of items is huge, ranging from mockups & HTML templates to UI kits and icon sets.



The freebies you will see on CSSauthor are also top-quality and exclusive. They occasionally post new freebies and they’re awesome. Also, what I like about it is, again, the variety: icon sets, UI kits, lots of PSD and HTML templates. It’s a good thing to follow this design blog, because they constantly organise contests and giveaways with awesome, well-known products from the biggest publishers of design goods, coding products, even WordPress themes. So go check it out!



Pixeden is also on my top freebies websites. They offer anything from mockups (lots of mockups) to icon sets and UI kits. There are tons of products being released with resources from Pixeden as assets. Most of the important items are free (direct download), some require a completely free account to download and they also have some premium resources which you can download for only 6$ a month, which is close to free, considering the top quality and huge amount of products. Also, a very nice thing is that users with premium account are allowed to include Pixeden items into themes and templates with no attribution required. This is a great thing for template designers like myself.



Freebiesbug nicely promotes freebies from all categories. They link to external items, but they also have great ones of their own. The website looks nice and is very well categorised. It is very popular and you will vertainly find lots of useful things there.



This website is one of my favorites. They don’t have so many items (yet), as they’ve recently started posting freebies constantly, but, trust me, their stuff is top-notch. The best thing about Codrops is their incredible coding freebies and tutorials and I would recommend checking out the whole website, because their work is purely amazing.



There’s no need to make an introduction of this website. It’s one of the biggest web design blogs out there, a huge business. That’s why the quality of the freebies they constantly offer is very high. Most of their freebies are icon sets (great ones), but there are also lots of fonts, Photoshop and Illustrator plugins, useful tools and more. Also, please, if you aren’t already following this blog, please do, as they post very important and useful articles, tutorials, inspiration collections and giveaways.

The Envato Marketplaces


There’s also no need for an introduction for this mammoth Envato has become. As you may already know, they have that “Free file of the month” thing. It means that, each month, they collect a premium item from each marketplace and offer them for free. Products worth hundreds of dollars are given away for free each month and the great thing is the variety. Each month, you can get a coding product, a template (even WordPress themes sometimes, like this month, one worth 43$), a stock photo, a video template, a 3D modelling item, even stock music. You have lots of things to choose from for free. It’s awesome!



If you are a web designer, it means that you have this everlasting problem about finding the right photos for your templates, graphics and mostly any kind of project. Picjumbo is my favorite place to get free stock photos for previews for my templates. I know there are many free photos website now, but this one feels a bit different. It’s like it follows the trends and knows exactly what I need for my projects (at least in my case). There are also many more people thinking like me, because lots of the design templates are filled with pictures from Picjumbo. A new photo is posted every day and, go see for yourselves, the photos are simply amazing.

Most Popular Exclusive DesignerHype Freebies


Of course, there are loads of freebies sites out there. This list was a top of my personal favorites, which I use and are part of my design workflow when I’m not creating all design elements myself. I will be posting more useful resources both collection posts and more exclusive DesignerHype freebies soon. Stay tunet!

Also, I would love to hear your opinions in the comments. What are your favorite freebies websites?