In this posts I am going to show you how to create a very popular and efficient download system on your website. The concept is simple: users will be required to tweet (a message of your choice) before being able to download files. This is a great system for going viral on the social networks and promoting your website when offering freebies, for example. A lot of freebies websites use this system. As you may have noticed, we use it too, here on DesignerHype.

Step 1: Installing the plugin

First off, head over to and download the Pay with a Tweet plugin by Rolando Caldas. Another method would be to acces the Plugins section directly from your WordPress dashboard and search for “pay with a tweet“. Install and activate the plugin.


Step 2: Get your callback URL

After installing the plugin, look at the left bar of your WordPress dashboard. Locate “Pay with a Tweet”, go to Configuration. Copy the Callback URL and leave the fields above ampty for now.


Step 3: Setting up your Twitter app

Go to Twitter Developers by following this link to create a new application. Fill in the form with a proper name, website, description and then paste in the link you’ve just copied under the Callback URL field. Check the Developer Rules box and then hit “Create your Twitter application“.


Step 4: Get your Consumer and Consumer secret keys

On the page of your Twitter application, click the “Test OAuth” button on the top right. There, you will find your app’s Consumer key and Consumer Secret key. Copy these two.


Step 5: Paste your keys into the plugin

Go back to the Configuration tab of the “Pay with a Tweet” plugin in your WordPress dashboard and paste the keys you’ve just copied at the previous step. Click “Save changes“.


Great! Now you’ve correctly set up the download system. You can now start adding downloads and buttons to your website, which I will explain below.

Adding downloads and buttons to your website

In your dashboard, click the “Upload files” tab under the newly installed plugin’s tab. Upload a file. Then, you will be given the option to create a download button for it. Go ahead and do so. Fill in the information and hit “Create payment button“.


After that, go to “Manage your buttons under the plugin’s tabs. This plugin generates a shortcode for each download. By using that certain shortcode, you can add the download button for the respective file anywhere on your website. Look on the right side of each download button in the list and you should see a code like [pwt id=”1″]. That’s the unique download button code for your file. Copy it and then paste it in your posts to display the download link.

Trick: Easily styling the download button

While implementing this system on this website, I had trouble styling that link or button (whatever). I found a great, easy way of doing so and also keeping the styling feel of the website.

You may be using custom shortcodes from your template or via an external plugin (which is the right way to do it, not built in-theme). So you can only get the Pay to Tweet download link and use it into your button shortcodes. When pasting the Pay to Tweet shortcode (the one with [pwt id=”1″]), inspect the element or simply hover over the link and copy the download link . Then, use that under your button shortcode.

Below, there’s an example:

[scbutton url=""]Button title[/scbutton]

I hope this post has helped you. If you have any trouble in the process of implementing this system to your website, please don’t hesitate to contact me and I will do my best to help you out.