Today I’m offering you my first (of the lots to come) Sketch freebie. I recently started using it and I’m simply in love with it. You can check out my article with 8 Things I Love About Sketch. Mail was like a revision, it was me testing the basic layout techniques in Sketch and the result seemed pretty good to share with anyone interested in it. This freebie is a simple, clean and airy content-centered e-mail newsletter template. It’s awesome for sending out latest or trending articles on your site, deals, offers and call-to-action sections. Here’s the full preview. I hope you enjoy it.

Full Preview:


Credits & Resources:

  • IconsCompassCons by awesome Danny Saltaren. I simply love them!
  • Hero image – the image used in the preview (and not included in the project file) was downloaded for free from Unsplash
  • Call-to-Action photoUiFaces
File type: .sketch         Resolution: 750x2607px         File size: 13.70MB (archived)